Extracts and superimposes time codes for JPG photo files.
Stamp will change files' date/time stamp.
The program enables to set the file time stamp.
Time Stamp - Set a file's time stamp to a precise value
Image Stamp is a quick way to copyright jpeg images.
Add time and date stamp (watermark) to many pictures at once.
Allow you to add text overlay to your photos.
Add a reversible date stamp to digital picture
The simple way to maintain your Stamp Collection.
catalog and collect any type of Stamp or Stamp accessories
Time Stamp is a free program that you can use to easily track time spent on a...
Stamp renames picture,audio and video files produced by digital cameras.
Stamp Collection Wizard - Peronal Stamp Collection Tracking Software.
It is a powerful software to add timestamp to digital photos.
add the date/time to photo, date stamp, time stamp
Make Photos Perfect with Photo Stamp Remover.
Batch PDF Stamp is a user friendly tool for adding stamp to PDF files.
AKVIS Stamp - Image Healing Tool for seamless defects removal and object cloning