FatFree Photo Resizer is an incredibly easy to use tool that will resize your ph
A tool to help you change the size of your photographs.
Comfortable tool for resizing one photo.
A clone of Image Resizer which is one of the Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP.
Resize and crop your photos easily with Easy Photo Resizer.
A professional image resizer designed to enable users to adjust image, add frame
Batch resizing of images. Resize multiple images at once.
Allow you to change the dimensions as well as the file type of your images.
Free, simple and handy batch photo resizer
Photo Resizer can resizeJpeg pictures with high quality interpolation.
Resize digital SLR camera photo and picture JPEGs for Facebook, email, anywhere.
Resize and crop your images.
Batch photo resizer and converter
A simple and handy batch digital photo resizer software.
Photo Batch Converter&Resizer
You can select images and right click to convert them.
Digital Photo Resizer resizes directories of digital images i a few easy steps.
Resize your photos by dragging to this program's window. Watermark images.