Allow you to apply a reflection effect on the objects in your picture.
Reflection Clock is a clock
AJT Reflection can generate a reflection image using fractal landscape.
Reflection X Advantage is Attachmate's go-forward X server.
It is a components for image with built-in configurable reflection.
A tool to convert database schema from MS SQL 2005 to Oracle and on contrary.
This is alternative for standard types "Environment Mapping".
Fresnel Reflection Plugin helps you create realistic images.
Extracting type descriptors from debug information
Extracting type descriptors from debug information
It will let you spice up a picture by adding a reflection image to it.
Reflection.js allows you to add reflections to images on your webpages.
Quasicrystal Reflection Generator
A desktop reflection app that would give your wallpaper a "reflection".
Enjoy of this fantastic and realistic Beautiful Lake Reflection Screensaver.
Lake Mountain Reflection Screensaver.
Mathematics and cryptography and is usable for math education.
A beautiful Christmas lake and snow scene