Create a private workspace -- keep your private web site preferences private.
Quickly find a link in the confusing folder which IE keeps it's bookmaks.
Faste searches on the "Favorites" directory,can be written
Convenient explorer bar to search in Internet Explorer Favorites
An easy way to manage your print work in Word
Promote a clean in your IE Favorites, removing broken and duplicated links
Back up your Internet Explorer settings and Favorites.
Enhance your work to manage favorite documents and other files
Favekeeper can sync your favorites over browsers and computers automatically.
FREEWARE tool to fast access of your favorite files and folders from one menu
More than 4200 online live TV, Radio, Webcam, Full list, All Country and genres
Add frequently-used pages to the tab, and click the button will jump to the page
I went back to Best Buy but couldn't find them there.
In your network life, are there many favorite sites you want to collect
Unlimited, millions of on-demand songs.
With Eluma you keep all your Web favorites in a single place.
Digital-analog alternative to the address book or phone directory.
Privacy protection tool. No installation needed