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Watch your webcams on your mobile handset. is an Online Telephone Directory for India.
Upload, Download and Share mobile content on the Mobile Web 3.0.
Community like like Facebook, Friendster and MySpace
Viovo Mobile Messenger connects the wireless internet.
Emulator Images, Gesture APIs, and Samples for Windows Mobile 6.5.3.
A WYSIWYG authoring tool allows to edit interactive contents for mobile-phones
Mobile Website Builder is capable of creating dynamic looking mobile pages.
Use the T-Mobile Connection Manager to easily manage your Wi-Fi connections
View and control your mobile screen on your desktop.
Take control of your 'Siemens' mobile and expand its features
Demo Windows Mobile SmartPhone or PDAsoftware on a PC and capture device scree
Refresh adds documentation, sample code, header and library files.
TimeCard Mobile - manage appointments and keep track of time while on the run.
Security software for Windows Mobile platform
Mobile Quran Browser is a browser running on the Palm OS
A mobile database solution designed for developers