A handy tool that can be used to store passwords.
A powerful and user-friendly password management application.
Manages shared administrative passwords.
This is a Password Management utility store all your user names and passwords.
Digital Identity (screenshot) is a system for securely managing passwords.
Joomla Password Creator and Reset Tool.
Password Popup is the solution you need.
Completely free but beautiful, easy-to-use and powerful password manager.
Free password manager to store ID and password securely.
Web-based Self service password reset, account unlock, employee AD update tool.
Free, Secure and easy to use password management system
Completely free but beautiful, easy-to-use and powerful password manager
Manage local user accounts within a domain using Chily User Management tool
Network Password Manager provides easy enterprise password management.
SharePoint web part which allows the user to change Active Directory password.
Password recovery tool for PDF (*.pdf) files.
A simple program that generates highly secure pseudo-random passwords.
Best Active Directory Administration Tool for AD administrators