Send email pictures without attachments! Automatically reduces picture sizes!
This recipe shows a simple approach to using the Python email package to strip.
Split large files and combine files with ease!!
Detach, save, delete, compress, upload, reattach Outlook email attachments
It allows you to automatically send large files through LiveCargo.
Detacher is a useful tool to help you reduce your mailbox size.
Detach, save, delete, compress, upload, reattach Outlook email attachments.
Email Large Documents Without Attaching Files
An application to allow for mailing of a single email to a large email list.
Bulk extracts attachments from emails stored in Outlook Express
Detach Your Email Attachments and Save them wherever you want!
Program to extract attachments from Outlook and Outlook express
prevents malware emails from reaching your mailbox folders.
EML Attachment Removing Solution to Remove Attachment from batch of EML Files.
Get email messages and attachments on your Palm OS device from your desktop PC.
It is an ideal for newsletters, targeted marketing, and keeping in touch.
Extract Email Attachment in Outlook Smoothly.
Add-In for Microsoft Outlook that optimises file attachments for outgoing emails