Make your taskbar Opaque in any time you want it.
Hide your taskbar with this tool.
Allows you to turn your Taskbar in to a Windows 7 like Iconized Taskbar.
When the mouse is in the taskbar edge of the screen, it activate the taskbar ...
Change color of your system taskbar.
A great utility which will simply and efficiently remove the taskbar
Remove the taskbar from Windows XP or Vista.
Let you change the taskbar color on Windows 7.
A shiny new windows task Bar for your multiple monitors!
With Vista x86 SP1 system.
Taskbar Master is a utility for Windows.
You can decorate your desktop and make your taskbar translucent with it.
Organize applications on your Windows taskbar easily.
Manage and organize your taskbar with this lightweight program
It allows you to customize Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail previews in detail.
Them automatically every time you startup your PC.
A small tool letting you instantly turn on or off the text beside the taskbar.
Taskbar Control is free and does not contain spyware or adware of any kind.