Allow you to disable a single key on your keyboard.
Disable many options in Windows you wanted to.
The First Administrative Package
This is always a need to quickly disable user or computer accounts.
Easy USB Security protect autorun threat.
Ever wonder how Windows professionals could hide the start button? How they ...
Advanced Tool to Enable or Disable Autorun on Windows.
Command-line Tool to quickly Enable or Disable IPv6 on Windows
Allows you to disable the UAC to freely work with various applications.
This simple freeware program is to simplify the process of enable.
This simple freeware utility is to simplify the process of enable firewall.
Change settings if your on an administrator account.
Allows you to disable Skype Home window appearance.
Allows you to enable or disable SafeMode
This is a html use to disable autocomplete in forms.
Selectively disable specific Autorun features your PC and USB drives.
Free Tool to quickly Disable Windows Automatic Updates
Javascript protect solution, locked pages run online and local computer.