Enabled applications access local or remote InterBase 6, 6.5, 7 and 7.5 database
Provider is an add-on component to the .NET Framework
Core Data Access components such as the Microsoft SQL Server OLE DB provider.
ODBC Intercept is an odbtrac and odbcspy alternative that exposes all bi-dire...
Access JDBC data source from any ODBC application.
StarSQL ODBC/JDBC Database Drivers
Easysoft ODBC-Oracle Driver let ODBC enabled applications access Oracle database
Used to successfully access CyberMatrix application data from MDAC
DBD::PrimeBase module is a PrimeBase database server driver for DBI.
Installs the same Data Access core components.
Odbc datasource management tool creates ascii file redirect SQL query results
Query ODBC data sources, author SQL scripts and queries.
The EasyTable ODBC Driver provides read/write access to EasyTable database.
The Accuracer ODBC Driver provides read/write access to Accuracer database.
Access to SQL servers using ODBC API.
Allows DBA, user or developer export list of ODBC data sources to text file.
RemoteDB Gateway is a SHAREWARE program that lets Java and native Windows app...