The best way to read and post messages to newsgroups from Microsoft Outlook
NewsLib is a library of perl modules for managing Network News services.
follow and participate in Newsgroups frequently
Outlook Express & Windows Mail password recovery tool
Recovers ALL Outlook Express passwords (even from another user account).
NNTPobjects is a collection of c++ classes for easily creating simple.
Retrieve and post Usenet news articles via NNTP,
Read yEnc posts in Outlook Express, auto-save attachments, use as proxy and more
Email Account configuration exporter is an ActiveX/COM library
NNTP Wizard is an ActiveX control that gives a programmer the power.
A Win32 console utility for posting messages to Usenet newsgroups. It uses th...
Spam Alarm for Outlook and Outlook Express POP3 is an anti-spam and junk e-mail.
Outlook Recovery: crack lost Outlook personal folder password
This tool will help you migrate the default and custom Outlook categories.
Migrates your contacts from Outlook to Opera.
Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker instantly reveals passwords to Web sites
Moves email quickly and easily from Outlook Express to Outlook.
Make an Alarm Clock and MP3 player from your Outlook!