Path Copy is a 32-bit shell extension that makes is possible to copy the path...
A 32-bit shell extension that makes it possible to change the date and time
It makes it possible to copy the full path of any file through the context menu.
personal information management, including a folder tree, e-mail/web,search.
Copy address of your files and folders to clipboard.
A context menu option to copy the current file & directory path to the clipboard
Copy the full path of files with a right click in Windows Explorer.
How to copy the path and/or the filename of a file with CopyFileNameJB
Add two new features to the context menu: Copy Path Name and Open MS-DOS Prompt.
Path2Clipboard is a tiny utility.
AmCopyPathCMX is a contextual menu plugin
PathToClipboard copies the path,or name of the selected file to the clipboard.
Copy Multiple Images To the selected path.
Interactive XCopy Utility.
A simple tool designed to copy files from directory to another.
Path Proxy is a software that can associate a path with a drive letter
It uses a WSH object to update your USER path setting,
MB Life Path Period Number Software is interactive and easy to use software, whi