Check out your Netflix queue from a Widget. The NetflixQ displays the followi...
netflix desktop Icon Installer by - Installs to desktop
The world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies
Mamanage your rental queue that enhances the Netflix experience
Your Netflix queue on your desktop.
Free software to track your NetFlix movie queue from your desktop.
NextFlik automatically plays the next episode in a series on Netflix.
FlixQueue is specially designed to make managing your NetFlix queue quick
Instantly connects you with the latest HD network feeds and shows online.
View the movies that have currently been shipped to you as well as up to 10 m...
Auto play for Netflix.
Netflixter enhances your DVD rental experience with powerful features.
Web-based software to start your online dvd rental business now.
PlayOn is a media server that navigates video from Hulu, Netflix and so on.
A comprehensive software available for managing and playing your media.
Convert videos for PC, phones.Extract music from videos.
Wirelessly link your Laptop PC and your home entertainment system.
Boosts the sound quality of all of your music, videos, Internet radio, games.