This software can be used to view characters inside a font.
You can create a character using figures.
The Ultimate Font Tool for cataloging your fonts- installed or not!
Add, delete edit multiple named ranges in MS Excel files.
This is a conversion tool to convert from one character set to another text.
Learn chinese character in play game.
Data file (.acs format) for Robby in self-installing, executable
Data file (.acs) for Peedy in self-installing, executable (.exe format) file.
AnyMini C: Character Count Program, Character Count Software.
Internet Character Animator creates animated internet 3D charactor.
It is for students who want to learn more details about each Chinese character.
Add, remove, find and replace characters, spaces, enters, tabs in many Word docs
data file (.acs format) for Merlin in self-installing, executable (.exe format)
Data file (.acs format) for Genie in self-installing, executable
Display characters in text fonts, copy those characters to the system clipboard.
All of 6700 chinese simplified characters information.
Get screensavers on character quotes.
Quickly change the name of files.