Allows simple creation of batch files (Windows Command Line - CMD).
Designed for IBM iSeries (AS/400) administrators / operators / users.
Tabbed Windows for Console Apps
Command Component is an Internet utility that returns information about commands
A command line application that can perform different file and cleanup tasks.
A powerful Windows GUI command interpreter
Right click a folder to open an Admin elevated command window.
It is intended for fast editing of one or many image files.
Create a Symbolic link to a folder and present it as drive. Console version
Terminator is an auto-shutdown program with many features.
Timed Command is a program which allows the user to shutdown the computer.
An item named "Command Prompt Here" to the context menus
Adds a "Command Prompt Here" context menu option on folders
Start a command line on a remote computer。
Shutdown in a few seconds. Fast and Smart Shutdown Windows by different ways.
Eliminate the frustrations of the Command Prompt with a modern command line tool
giving you a quick way to open a command window pointing at the selected folder
App-CLI is a dispatcher module for command line interface programs.