A open source software help you share information safely
Create a hidden user account and use your computer without leaving any history.
Our Secret lets you hide text files or video, audio, image and others in file.
Secret Media uses a specialized technique of hiding information.
Discover the Secret Door That Leads to Achieving Anything
Secret Caretaker stores and organizes all of your confidential informations.
an implementation of Shamir's secret sharing scheme for UNIX/linux machines
Lock Secret is a batch based file encryption and decryption utility
It is convenient both at work and at home.
Keep your passwords, userids, etc. secure, in just one place.
Secret Keeper is a small program that designed to help you store the user names.
Build separate disk on PC which may be locked and unlocked with a password
The inspirational quotes from the CD and Video.
A free, web-based tool that makes it easy to arrange Secret Santa gift exchanges
WinTSD is document security software with encryption and access control function
Hide an important or a secret image behind the cover image
A charming secret cottage to visit on a pleasant summers day.
Secret Images is a program which import images, encrypt them.