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Audio CD Ripper allows to save the Audio Tracks from Audio-CD to you computer.
Extracts tracks from Audio CD and converts them into MP3 files or WAV files.
MCopy, solves all the above problems.
Save your audio CD tracks as wav or compressed MP3 files.
Extract audio CD tracks and turns into MP3 format without losing any quality.
For more control over your Music Library and your iPod with this software.
Offers a solution for users who want to listen to a playlist of MP3 tracks.
Create mp3 files from audio CD tracks or wave files.
Rip your Audio CD in MP3 or Wav ! Free !
allows you to change the key of any audio track and save the modified song
Easily correct titles before importing tracks from a CD.
Enables you to split one audio file into multiple tracks.
1Click CD Ripper is a free and Easy-to-use CD Ripper
Allows you to search for music on the Internet.
CdtoMusic allows you to extract audio cds and save them in various files.
A simple software that helps you to create mp3 discs with your songs sorted.
Rip music tracks and burn CDs.