Move any window to the system tray (the bottom right corner of the screen)
Run hidden to move mouse cursor to random positions on the screen.
Enjoy an outside live camera of a small sheep farm in Anderson, South Carolin...
A shooting game of two players.
Copy or move rows between worksheets with just a single click!
Use SmartMove to move or rename folders or move all thefiles.
Use webcam to detect movement and lock system. Includes source
Allows you to move files to another folder on your computer.
Automate a Network Administrators ability to migrate and maintain client printer
Move piece with "triangle symbol " on it out of the frame using minimum steps
A small utility which can move mouse & click on desired positions of screen.
Outlook Move To is an Add-in for Microsoft Outlook application.
Move your mouse with the arrow keys.
Extension for quick layer management.
Move a window without activating it.
This is my rendition of the Holy spirit on the move over this world.
MoveImpossible Moves the Impossible to move objects.
Mandelbrot Viewer is a simple image viewer.