Keyboard Tracer records everything typed on the keyboard.
Winsock Tracer is a freeware utility that lets you trace Winsock 2 calls.
Computerized telephone-calls registration and monitoring system.
Free Ip tracer,finds Contry,City, Server for Ip/host address
Forex Tracer personal review kit is a personal experience
The ultimate trace route app
The best tool for snapshoting drives and discovering file changes.
Mobile Tracer-Trace any mobile number's location and service provider.
Guaranteed spyware free desktop weather software for your pc.
supports CAPI extensions of the vendor AVM for monitoring the D-channel of ISDN.
Duplicate File Tracer locate file on your hard drive which appear more than once
A free solution for debugging programs interfacing with the Oracle RDBMS.
Estimates the half-life (t1/2) and elimination rate tool.
Designed for listing, searching and manipulating open handles on windows OS. is an Online Telephone Directory for India.
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Create, track and manage your inventory reports, items, data, and barcodes.
Contact Tracer is a colorful simple easy-to-use personal contact manager