Filter Factory Gallery K is a pack of free filters for Photoshop.
Magic EightBall is the infamous all-knowing magic eightball program made in C
Communicate with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone through your PC.
All downloaded software can be run immediately without installation.
Icon Magic - Icon Editor
Magic Sky Brushes have the magic to pain a sky brush effects.
Magic C++ .Net includes all the features of Magic C++ plus Visual Studio .Net.
Mouse Magic adds trails that move with your mouse all the time
ProWriter contains all the award-winning writing softwares
The mission of the Magic Clock is to help make your dreams come true.
Intuitive and Easy to Use Mobile Phone Polyphonic Ringtone Creation Tool
Magic Collection includes 7 different sets of animated images and smiley faces.
file explorer and drive explorer controls for Windows Forms.NET application
Newly released for all those who take the left handed path!
Magic Mail Monitor3 - Windows mail checker with multiple mailboxes support.
It allows you to easily wake up any pc on your network remotely.
Magic Garden is a software which about artificial plants laboratory.
Put a MTG game on your desktop!...