provides the safest way to protect sensitive and and valuable data located
Lock all of your files, folders and drives.
An Update to The Black Locker's Folder Locker.
Lock Files and Folders so they cannot be opened.
Quite often, it becomes necessary to PROTECT data files from unwanted use.
Lock your private files and folders with mte folder locker software
Smart Computer Locker is a computer locker, it can help you to lock the computer
Drag File Locker is a simple and secure tool that gives you best protection.
A light-weight app that helps you to lock your computer screen with a password.
CD Locker Lite - Lock CD Drives.
Desktop Locker, lock your desktop with this program.
HD-Locker can lock one drive or all drives
System Locker is a handy utility that allows you to protect your personal com...
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PackPal Folder Locker is a password protected software which encrypts your files
Lock your desktop with one mouse and prevent anyone from accessing your programs
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