It is a program to connect arbitrary MIDI devices with other MIDI devices.
Convert MIDI into WAV MP3, burn to Audio CD.
Toolkit for easy developing MIDI applications.
MIDI-OX is a midi utility.
Convert MIDI files into WAV MP3 files.
MIDI Editor is the most powerfull MIDI manager ever made!
make MIDI THRU connections without any additional sequencer software.
A HyperCard stack that introduces the user to MIDI
It's a utility for Mac OS X which displays MIDI signals in a variety of formats.
MIDI patchbay lets you hook up your various pieces of MIDI software.
Makes it possible for computers to playback MIDI data with higher sound quali...
MIDI to OGG Converter (Recorder). Batch mode, Built-in Sequencer Mode available.
Skinnable FTP based search engine for MIDI files.
control your computer from MIDI devices or other devices
It allows you to record on a MIDI file your voice or acoustic instrument.
It makes conversions from MIDI format to WAV audio format.
It allows the default MIDI output device to be changed within Windows Vista.
Bome's Midi Translator Pro is the popular MIDI and keystroke translator.