MIC is an ideal alternative calculator for those working with individual numerac
Mic is a program that plays audio files and captures sound.
program that plays audio files and captures sound from the microphone
Listen to Echo Moscow directly from your desktop....
All the classic tape echoes... and more!
Feedback, Delay Left, Delay Right and Dry-to-Wet.
This is a delay device that focuses on inperfections in the repeats.
Add an echo effect to your video in Adobe After Effects
Echo - An Email-based approach to file storage and sharing.
Useful UDP server program that give you an echo of a text string
Up to fifteen stereo delays with tone shifting.
atEcho is an client and server implementation of Echo network protocol.
Free echo plugin for Adobe After Effects to enhance your videos
It bring you the sound that is possible to squeeze out of your DAW.
file management utility,intuitively view and organize the files,Zip and Unzip.
Add a new dimension to your documentation projects by adding audio!
a FREE debug tool for Serial Port, TCP/IP and UDP communication.
GS-201 is an accurate simulation of a japanese Tape Echo machine.