Get messages from around the world delivered to your screen. This screensaver...
Clear the current message or print the message.
Stay in touch with your friends by using the LifeCam Video Messages Gadget.
A solution for users who want to split long text messages into multiple pieces.
Add inobtrusive user messages to your applications.
ICQ Tools has added new capabilities to the popular ICQ internet pager.
Nice software for displaying subliminal messages
Nice subliminal-messaging program.
This is an extension for removing duplicate messages from your mail folders.
MSN messenger tools has added new capabilities to the popular MSN internet pager
Allow various groups of users to be sent SMS messages
Chime Away! automatically downloads and sets new away messages for AIM
Virus, spam and unwanted email remover before downloading occurs
Contains a list of subliminal affirmations, that can be modified by user
nntPocket is the premier nntp newsgroup reader for the Palm OS.
Collection of messages from your workplace
Receive, log and display syslog messages from any syslog enabled device
This Widget helps you monitor your Gmail inbox.It has two views: a minimized ...