Edit view Restructur hex data file in byte integer float string etc.
The Power FFAT is a very powerful File-Format-Analysis-ToolBox.
Connect Filemaker Pro and Runtime to a SQL database through ODBC
completely erases and deletes files from your system,overwriting all the data.
Data Viewer is a database and user interface design tools
Best File Repair1 is a powerful tool to recover corrupt file files.
Advanced password manager. Secure way to store and to manage information.
Opens AutoCAD DCFX, Excel, Access, XML, FoxPro, dBase, SQLite, CSV files.
Permanently deletes any file from your hard drive.
Help you to test file Open with different file mode, file access, file share.
Recover Data for ReiserFS best tool to recover deleted reiserfs files
Encrypt any data file into what appears to be a scrambled bitmap file.
Alternate Data Stream Manager is a file management tool for you to use.
Permanently deletes any file from your hard drive.
Remove sensitive data from your hard drive completely
ADSTools allows users to find, make and use NTFS Alternate Data Stream files
An ideal file development construction and repair utility for Developers.
Hiding any file type into an image.