MATLAB supports TCP/IP communication using the Instrument Control Toolbox.
For you to product clear and intuitive tutorial with ease.
Supports sound acquisition and generation using the Data Acquisition Toolbox.
MATLAB supports serial devices including RS-232 when using the Instrument.
This is a script for matlab.
This tutorial/demo presents the design of a sound level meter in Matlab.
For analysis of hybrid system modeling.
A symbolic toolbox for MATLAB based on Mathematica
Lyapunov Exponents Toolbox (LET) provides a graphical user interface
Bioinformatics researchers and developers worldwide rely on MATLAB
Multivarialbe control toolbox
equity derivative calculator using matlab GUI
MATLAB/C++ mixed implementation for Astar search algorithm.
VFM allows Matlab to access video source devices
A GUI for file exploration: examine byte addresses, hex/char values.
This is a Script for PHP
Contains the slides and demos for the seminar entitled
work experience with MATLAB serial port