Easily delete duplicate lines from files.
Remove (Delete) Lines In Multiple Text Files Software.
It can allows you to get the number of lines in a selected string.
It can allows you to remove new lines from a selected string.
Calculate PURE code lines (writing manually) for VB6 project (group), 100% FREE.
Diagonal Lines Plugin allows you to add diagonal lines to your image.
Verify that a regular expression matches the text or is included in the text
3D ABSTRACT LINES pack contains 27 BIG brushes.
Klogshow used to display the last few lines of a text files on your desktop.
Source Code line Counting Tool.
It analyses website log files and extracts certain information.
Delete Lines can Delete or filter lines from big text files.
This is a simulation of the electric field lines between charged particles.
DLSuperC is an exceptional compare program!
fixing situation when different lines of source frame are placed
This tool is well know in the Unix world.
Loads properties from a file with lines formatted as 'key=value' into a Hash.
Lines 3D is a simple program to display 3D objects in the form of a mesh.