Create slideshows that bring your photos to life with motion, effects and more
Dynacursors lets you automatically change cursor selections based on time int...
GTD Centric Task Management Software.
Personal Effectiveness Tool - gives to "To Do List' for the day
A talking English-Italian/Italian-English phrasebook with pure native voices.
Tickle lets you keep your Internet Service Provide (ISP) connection alive.
Gabtastik is a Site Specific Browser (SSB) for web chat services.
Monitoring all network/hard disk activity of your computer programs in real-time
Softwre to manage your Dept 56 collection. Also a real-time online price guide.
an ingenious way to hide your folders in Windows 7.
Your Personal Translator for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC Devices.
OpenTranscribe is a software to aid musicians in transcribing music.
A talking English-German/German-English phrasebook with pure native voices.
Convert PDF to Text in one easy step.
Create rich media presentations and e-learning courses with ease.
The Webperform Widget lets you see up to the moment stats on how your Website...
Clipboard Viewer is an enhancer of your default Windows Clipboard.
BumpTop is a 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive.