A program designed to execute (run, launch or open) the applications stored.
LeeLu Launch Panel (LLP) is a free applications launch program.
T-Launch is a program launcher which runs into the tray on the taskbar.
Multi-Launch - launch your favorite programes
Use Launch On Top to start almost any program in an "always on top" state.
F10 Launch Studio is the premier launch management suite for Mac OS X.
Effectively removes Adobe Reader Speed Launch files and registry keys.
Launch Me plugin brings you application launcher.
Atomic Launch Tray is a program that sits in your system tray.
Replacement for Quick Launch with menu support
Speed Launch was the first Grassroots Project from Office Labs.
Drag any file, shortcut or program onto the Launch Pad application.
A program launcher that can also set the CPU affinity.
Allows you to monitor and block starting Processes and loading DLLs.
This is a free ebook can make you for fun.
Automating tasks and managing Windows is easier and faster with Power Launch 2
A screensaver inspired by the Failure To Launch movie.
Very simple application launcher (the TaskBar alternative).