A java Msn Messenger library that supports MSNP8-MSNP15.
A library of machine learning algorithms and related datasets.
Java library to generate barcode images.
An implementation of the QQ client protocol written in Java.
String Library for C - a project to develop a Java-like String Library.
The Magi Toolkit provides components and utility classes for Java developers
A java library for converting between strings.
Java library built to access the MS Outlook application
Java library for parsing and writing GEDCOM data.
ImageResize4J is a Java class library for high-quality image resize and scaling.
Java Platform Invoke API (Demo version) for Linux, i386
jWordConvert is a Java library to convert Word documents to PDF.
A Java library for loading, editing, analyzing and saving pixel image files.
Java SE 1.4 to Java ME CLDC converter
SPSS Writer is a Java class library for generating SPSS files (*.sav) .
7-Zip-JBinding is a java wrapper for 7-Zip C++ library.
A Java Message Notification Library.
Java library built to access the MS Excel application.