Batching assign permissions to all items separated from list permission settings
Manually configure custom permission settings on a per-list or per-item basis.
item-level permissions are able to be automatically assigned to selected users.
Bulk remove custom permission settings for specified users or groups on items.
Create comma separated list or comma delimited or any delimited file.
Use the PHP Explode() command to create an array from a comma separated.
Use this list management software to easily manage multiple lists.
Administrator alsocan prevent certain users from creating views in the lists.
Create CSV files from text files in any format.
ClipList is a Mac menu bar item
Print your grocery list quickly with this grocery shopping list software.
Grocery List is a web based (PHP)
Copy the full path of files with a right click in Windows Explorer.
HTTPA Archive Reader allows you to read files exported from Firebug Net Panel.
Let Speedo Shopper help you create shopping or errand lists fast!
ID Startup Cleaner is a startup cleansing program.
Organize your goals and tasks to do around their importance and urgency
Get the access rights per user or user group and enhance the network security