Add, delete edit multiple named ranges in MS Excel files.
PipeList displays the named pipes on your system
Fast, lightweight attribute-style access to tuples.
FolderViewSet can set a folder's and it's subfolders' view mode all at once.
The easy way to strong name your assemblies.
HPS PixelColor is a color management utility that allows you to select color.
Give a person the ability to restart their computer or server quickly.
Fills an associated CFC with the value of formField
This is 8 add-ins in one. It can sort sheets and create pre-named sheets. Eas...
A standard COM-compliant ActiveX DLL component
pack your affiliate id named custom build to a new exe file
WarpGraph is a small Java program.
File names are created from up to three predefined lists, Document
Free Robert Pattinson Screensaver: Many images of your favourite Twlight star.
Uninstaller for Mac OS X 10.3.
Named Pages allow you to organize your shortcuts.
Teach your baby to read with this software.
ZCR is a useful program which renames the mp3 and cdg files inside a zip file