CGI:IRC is a Perl/CGI program that lets you access IRC from a web browser.
A small project that started as an irc bot.
This is a IRC client which go from Jurassic IRC to the 21st Century.
IRC PHPbot is an IRC bot coded in PHP using MySQL for its database system.
CLIRC is a group of Internet Relay Chat classes
An IRC client for Windows operating systems designed for online chat.
FREE IRC Chat Software with Colors, Popups, Shoot Drawings, Shoot Sounds.
Beta help source to a professional Chat system, IRC .
The Diomedes IRC is a good software to be a light weight open source IRC client.
IRC Butler is an IRC bot for you.
Allows you to connect and to chat by the IRC server, fast and easy.
Use Socks or IRC Proxies to hide your IP on IRC in a nice and simple fashion
Use Snow-IRC from your USB-Stick, you can also use it on your desktop pc.
JAVA / PHP / MYSQL IRC Stats Bot based on IRC JAVA BOT.
Viewer of IRC logs from mIRC & Pirch.
Luke Irc Client is a simple IRC client that you can chat with your friends.
give access to IRC channel
Lucky IRC Bot is an IRC Bot written in PHP