Fony is a freeware editor for bitmap fonts.
Convert Bitmap to Icon and pick-up icon from .exe and .dll.
Finds and extracts embedded bitmap images (.bmp files) from files of any kind.
Installs as a printer driver and produces a bitmap of the printed page.
This small vc++class will let you create fade buttons from BITMAPS;
Extract bitmap pictures from EXE or DLL windows files
It turns your forms into the shape of a bitmap
With QuickTime 2.5 or later view X bitmap (.xbm) files using PictureViewer
Command line tool to convert BMP images to binary bitmaps and c header files.
Simple tool to gauge bitmaps.
It converts 256 color bitmap file to Black & white tiff file using Libtiff
A handy MFC class to compress simple 256 color Windows bitmap.
Save bitmaps from an image on the screen a bitmap
Bitmap Viewer code allows users to load bitmaps in a window.
Bitmap To Icon loads and saves a bitmap into an icon file.
Alphabix can convert vector fonts into bitmap fonts.
This utility loads an Icon(s) into memory and allows it to be saved as a Bitmap.
A Windows command line utility to capture the entire desktop to a bitmap.