A small utility to select the Windows Vista installed language packages.
Try Vistalizator - this tool allows you to change display language in Vista
quickly recognizes the language of any text, phrase or even single words.
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is an update to Windows Vista .
Translates the interface language of Yahoo! Messenger version 11.5 into Turkish.
Make your windows computer super fast!
Display to portrait orientation to enjoy the advantages of portrait viewing
Vize is a GUI enhancer for Windows Vista, making your Vista experience nicer.
It is a simple language translation solution that uses tooltip captions
A spiralling blue Windows Vista theme with a techie look.
It is a globe program or globe software which is running under Windows.
Are you looking for ways to customize and enhance your desktop?
The program intended to make a man-made language of world wide use.
The must have professional power tool for Windows Vista - Thoosje Vista Tweaker
Windows Vista is consistently recognized for its beautiful interface
Controls downloading/seeding torrents through ĀµTorrent WebUI.
Vista Customization Pack is a free and useful language independant shell pack
A free and easy to use sleep-timer for Windows XP and Vista system.