Insert line(s) in multiple text files at once.
Find, Replace, or Insert any text into multiple files with ease! Takes no time.
Backup, synchronization, high speed compression and shutdown in a single click.
It is for AutoCAD that enable insert windows and doors by a 2 line entity.
Vector lines that can be edited during runtime.
Batch edit web pages, save your hard work and much time.
Concatenate successive lines within a text file.
Easily delete duplicate lines from files.
Edit text files, generate word list, analyze char, word and line frequency.
Insert text before and/or after existing text in an excel worksheet.
Remove (Delete) Lines In Multiple Text Files Software.
Preview and edit any Windows printable documents
This demonstrates a simple binary search through sorted data.
It can allows you to get the number of lines in a selected string.
For Delphi programmers with useful built in features like find text in files.
It can allows you to remove new lines from a selected string.
Makes it possible to insert meaningful testdata into any database.
Excel Insert Blank Rows & Columns Between Data Software