RIControl can be used to control your programs.
This Widget will animate the last 24 hours of Infrared Satellite images
Allows controlling your media player/center with TV-style Remote Control.
define Bluetooth and infrared events to control any home device infra merah.
home media recommends use of the Streamzap infrared remote control supplied by
An app for exchanging business cards and calendar
This is a script for C/C++.
It makes use of the ability of a webcam to see infrared (IR) light.
PC remote control from your mobile phone. Winamp, iTunes, WMP, PowerPoint.
Universal remote control software to operate all your home equipment.
Controls all of your home entertainment equipment with a few taps of the stylus.
InfraREDEye Is a useful software that lets you remotely control your computer!
Giving you complete control of your Home Theater PC.
send and receive messages with our phones
Six different types of photographic film and print effects.
Use your PDA as a universal remote control for TV
Remote Batch Copy lets you copy multiple files to multiple remote directories.
ReExec (Remote Execute) can start applications on remote computers.