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Software Fetches all the relevant information of the given web page
offers a new, easy way to save that vital information you just found on the web.
inTriever speeds up the way you surf and retrieve information from the internet.
Display your family tree on your own Internet web pages with Kinship Archivist.
Weather web part for Sharepoint 2010 based on Google API.
The program for grab links or specific information from a web-site.
Import data from Web pages and Gedcom files directly into Excel
shows relevant news about the web, tips and tricks, common problems
Raptivity Web Expert helps you create deep and meaningful interactions quickly
WebSaver help you to save valuable web pages and website.
Atomic Web Spider automatically extracts emails, phones, IM IDs from visited web
WebContentCatcher - download video from Yahoo.Video, VKontakte easy
QIF Web Extract extracts transactions from brokerage website transaction history
Auto checks web sites for text, updates, or availability, then alerts you.
makes it easy to create customized, up-to-date, personal news pages
Protect your privacy by removing trails left after you browsed the Internet.
Extracts from Search Engines or a list of URLs, E-mails, Phones, Fax and more...