A .NET library for information oriented programming.
A safe and secure way to store your applications serial numbers and much more...
Manages notes, files, urls, RSS feeds, contact information in folders.
Collect multifarious information to create personal information library.
OEM Information Changer - Easy to change the OEM Information.
Sys Information is a sleek program for viewing system information.
Manage any kind of personal information, such as tasks, events, and contacts.
Lognoter is a software to handle information.
MiTeC System Information is a useful Delphi component
The app that stops information overload.
SkSystemInfo ActiveX Control provides the following vital system information.
Report make and model of the motherboard as well as a wealth of information
This recipe uses the system_profiler application to retrieve detailed informatio
A tool for organizing and tracking information of baby
Automated Diagnosis and Problem Resolution
Designed to pull information about your system in the fastest possible way.
A free utility to display file information the explorer context menu
The Finger/X ActiveX control and COM object requests user information from an...