Revive your Windows Start Menu with Start Menu Reviver!
CSMenu is a program that returns the Windows 7 menu to classic start menu.
Windows 8 Start Menu app provides Windows 8 with a Windows 7 style start menu.
A Start Button for Windows 8 with cool skins and features
let you show the new start widget in Windows 8 on Windows 7.
Return the Start Menu to Windows 8! A free set of a Start Menu and Start Button.
Viva Start Menu restores the start menu to Windows 8.
Start Menu Manager Start Menu Organizer.
A way to restore the classic Windows XP start menu on a Windows 7 machine.
This program will replace the existing Windows 95 Start Menu(task bar).
Start Menu Cleaner is a freeware utility which cleans the start menu by removing
StartW8 is offering fine and easy access to applications and files in Windows 8
Get all the features of Windows classic Start menu back into Windows 7!
Automate your daily use applications.
Help you change the Windows Start Menu between classic and Metro style.
Backup files from this 20 computers to one spesific computer on the network.
Hotkey Jumpstart lets you get our work done faster.
Allows you to toggle between the Metro Start screen and the Classic start menu.