Mobile Holy Quran for Palm OS was the first software.
First ever Quran Software in Indian Languages
The complete Holy Quran as a Widget for Yahoo!
The most comprehensive Web Book about Islam.
A collection of melodious recitation of the commonly recited Surahs.
This Software is used to read Holy Quran in Arabic, Urdu and English Languages.
Mobile Quran Browser is a browser running on the Palm OS
Tafsir of Holy Quran (Exegesis) is the basic discipline of Muslim science.
eMushaf provides the whole Quran and a collection of multilanguage translation.
Islamicsaver - Free Quran Ayat screensaver
Simple downloader of the full holy quran in mp3 files for more reciters .
Help you learn and explore new ayats from Quran directly from your desktop.
Get to know more about the Holy Quran Book.
Zekr open source Quranic project.
Deal with property distribution of a deceased Muslim based on Holy Quran.
The Al Quran in Arabic and translation in Indonesian.
Now Quran online audio can stream to your desktop via the use of the Yahoo! W...
This is a Quran version and some translations.