A useful application that allows you to sort your text list of any kind.
Oraganize your Tasks & Log events with ease.
Jump List Software for Windows 7 to add shortcuts to Jump List
Grocery List is a web based (PHP)
Send a list of faxes to a list of fax numbers for free.
List manager; delete duplicates from the list, subtract one list from another...
Allows to generate the list of IP addresses for the specified IP ranges.
Organize your daily tasks quickly and easily using the NoProb To-Do List!
Anime List Builder is the program to create and manage your list of media files
A List of Dictionaries class emulates a list of dictionary objects
consolidate, view, and manipulate different items in a single grid view web part
Use ListMixin to create custom list classes from a small subset of list methods.
Use this list management software to easily manage multiple lists.
An amazing 3D List that will help you keep track of things to do, meetings,
Aniosoft iPhone call list to computer transfer
Print your grocery list quickly with this grocery shopping list software.
Remove list cookie completely with list cookie Removal Tool!
Set background colors and different styles of listing files