Sort Text Lists Alphabetically, CSV Files, by Column or Ascending or Descening.
Sort Text Lists Alphabetically Software.
What The Bible Says About - Study tool.
Easy Start Menu Organizer is a tool for arranging and removing start menu items.
Shows the most recently run programs on the Start menu and in the tray.
Tests 2009 – is a universal program of knowledge computer testing.
Desktop utility for arranging and managing icons, manage document lists, and
This program helps you rename a directory of files.
This program allows you to sort the lines of a a text alphabetically
Convert between different units, e.g. inches to millimetres
Tennis Navigator ATP Edition is your personal guide through the world of tennis.
Tennis Navigator WTA Edition is your personal guide through the world of tennis.
Layout your Windows applications just the way you want them with a click or two
Converter for Measurement units and the most up-to-date.
Try a FREE copy of StarPrint/VB Standard Edition, a black and white source co...
Utility to Obtain all the e-mail addresses sorted alphabetically.
An quick automatic files arranger.
Cataloguer based on tags\keywords . Perfect for arranging access to files.