Friday turns them into a complete Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) web site for
Logic Friday is a freeware tool for students, hobbyists, and engineers.
Let you know when you can listen to your favorite track on ABC's Rage progr
Control when and how long computer programs and be used
A simple scheduler for monday though friday, for College students,
Countdown the days, hours, minutes until 5:00 or 4:30 Friday
Know1ng, He's Just Not That Into You, Friday the 13th, Angel & Demons, Fanboys
How easy it is to forget what is important and pay the awful price.
Featuring an amazing collection of full size wallpaper photos
Repeating alarms at many intervals display msgs, play sounds, send mail, run app
A Tip A Day displays a short, pithy tip about working.
It lets you automate your windows machine.
Create PDF documents from various Windows file types including Word, Excel, Ppt.
Send birthday wishes and season's greetings (cards or messages) automatically.
View weddings around the world.
StartupReminder is a very simple application that allows you to schedule memos.
Schedule SMS to be sent to anybody at any future time.
vMemo is your virtual Notepad!