Weather web part for Sharepoint 2010 based on Google API.
Media Playe can be used to play media files in a SharePoint web portals.
Calendar Web Part enables you to view all schedules in a compact view
The Google Calendar -the convenient personal assistant.
AlAllow users to change their AD or local NT password from within the SharePoint
Display your SharePoint items exactly the way you want.
Chart Web Part that allows you to create reports from your existing data sources
Enables to maximize web part
SPUserPoll provides your SharePoint environment with a set of web parts.
Display the hierarchical list of sites in the current collection
Make your Sharepoint portal more social media optimized with Social plugin.
Allows users to change their own AD or Local NT passwords in SharePoint.
List Rotator Web Part displays any SharePoint list as scrolled view
Allows your users to change font size on any SharePoint page.
Supports single servers, multiple servers, trusted & untrusted multiple domains.
You can create and attach your task calendar to team site.
Web Part allows SharePoint user to reset by himself his AD password.
consolidate, view, and manipulate different items in a single grid view web part