Integrate a countdown timer into PowerPoint presentations.
This gadget will countdown till its Halloween.
Countdown the Days, Months, or Hours til' Christmas.
Countdown Timer can inserts a countdown timer into a webpage
A handy countdown timer with a nice and simple interface.
F1 2008 Countdown Timer:+UTC Time format+More details of schedule...
It allows you to display the time remaining until a specified event
Christmas Clock & Countdown Screensaver
Enable you to set a countdown for a certain event or task.
A simple text-based countdown Widget....
CountDown Reminder.
Find out how many days until Christmas.
Countdown to tax time
Countdown is an application that will allow you to determine the elapsed time
A simple countdown to Dragon*Con 2007 in Atlanta, GA.Based on PS3 Countdown b...
A countdown to the release of the Rent movie on November 23, 2005....
This is a simple countdown that shows the days, hours, minutes, seconds to th...
AMW countdown is an interesting freeware