MediaSanta DTS Converter is a convert DTS to other media formats
Decodes Digital Theater Systems (DTS) audio format in Foobar2000.
DTS/AC3 Source Filter reads and passes DTS and AC3 frames to decoders from files
DTS Audio Winamp Plugin is a good software for audio plugins.
Before your DTS migration project starts, find out quickly what you're about.
A design tool used to edit and maintain existing DTS packages.
It is required to read any kind of AC3 or DTS files.
This is a synchronized decoding plug-in for Pro Tools.
It allows any VFW application to play .AVI with AC3 or DTS audio tracks.
SoundCode for DTS plug-in suite for Pro Tools.
This software can show information about audio files.
Calculate the bitrate if you want to encode
HD Splitter: Split any HD/BD assets
Corrects delay and is also able to cut audio files coded ac3, dts, mpa and wav.
A 31-Band Graphic Equalizer for MS DirectShow.
A high quality free audio decoder and processor filter.
AC3Filter is high quality freeware DirectShow audio decoder and processoo filter
convert MKV, M2TS, Blu-ray and WMVHD files to AVCHD