RC Calender Plugin is a Roundcube Webmail plugin to schedule events.
Histogram Equilization increases the contrast of images.
jQuery lightBox plugin is simple, elegant, unobtrusive, no need extra markup
Use this AIM plugin to display the song you're listening to in Winamp or iTunes.
The SciFi Deluxe plugin is actually 4 plugin effects in one package!
NTLM plugin for mIRC is a plugin for mIRC.
Abu Dawud Plugin is a plugin for The Hadith Software.
Independent and/or interdependent "plugin" applications within the framework.
Hex Plugin for REALbasic 5 and higher is a small plugin with four methods.
it's NateOn service plugin for Adium.
Pickup Event for SpamAssassin software.
Diagonal Lines Plugin allows you to add diagonal lines to your image.
This is a Kopete IRC plugin.
File comparison plugin for Notepad++ editor.
Adium 1.0.6 saw the removal of the LaTeX plugin.
Create beautiful rainbow gradients that are based on a color's hue, saturation.
This is a plugin under Effect/Render.
Imam Malik’s al-Muwatta Plugin is a plugin for The Hadith Software.