Mailing List Wizard (MLW) MLW is designed to help you with processing.
Export contacts and groups from Outlook 2000/XP to mailing list file.
Mailing List & News is a simple mailing list manager system
Allows you visitors your mailing list and send mass emails to all of this list.
EternalMart Mailing List Manager Pro provides a web interface.
Allow your visitors add their email addresses to your mailing lists.
Follow-Up Mailing List Processor is a specialized mailing list software.
Mailing Express is the simplest and fast software for the management.
Mailing List Studio is the best product on the market for management.
Autoresponder and Mailing List Manager Pro
SimpLISTic Mailing List Manager allows your visitors to add their email address
Create and manage your mails.
WebGenie MailWiz makes personalized mass mailing easy.
Export and import of MS Outlook 2000/XP contacts and mailing lists
A tool designed to help you merge smaller e-mail lists into one big list.
Processing and converting your mailing lists by various ways.
JSoft Mail is a DNS email list manager.
Website Mailing List Management Software allows you to keep your visitors up