The program LENSES illustrates the function of convex and concave optical lenses
Optical info is a spin off utility from System Spec - system information program
This Widget pulls the latest illusion from Mighty Optical Illusions website (...
Tray is smal and easy-to-use tool
Explore an active area of research in optical physics.
A Flash video file player which has many more control then any other player
This is a Optical Compressor.
Program for automatic design analysis and optimization of optical systems
It creates, saves and prints the famous Fresnel Zone Plates.
Extends your infrastructure by adding a virtual DVD-ROM drive locally.
Optical character recognition (OCR) component for .NET.
Delphi and C++ Builder optical barcode recognition component.
DriveXplorer allows you easily access your drives via its tray icon menu.
Open License is an Open Source project being developed by SP extreme.
License Statistics lets you track FLEXlm, FLEXnet, LM-X, IBM LUM and more.
It is a free add-on for MetaLAN that simplifies licensing compliance.
Flex License is a new and innovative licensing product
Manage your documents with graphic format support.